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    Ready for some combat

    Hi there!
    First of all, I'm new to this forum and want to say hello to everybody.
    I played warmachine only twice, but I already know this game fits me. I decided to collect Khador... mainly because of models - especially Pikemen and demolition corps. I want those units inside my first rooster ;] ..but, here comes BUT. We are going to order models very soon, and i need to decide about rest of the army. I was thinking Iron pikemen unit, demolition corps, one warjack and warcaster should do fine for beginning. The problem is I don't know the rules, I don't have army cards, and I most of all don't have time to study everything right now :/ So maybe you guys would advice me with options I have, what warcaster should I choose, etc? Is that kind of pure close combat army even playable? I'm not going to play any tournaments or anything, just evening-games with friends and couple of bears if you know what I mean. Still it is nice to wipe someone to dust sometimes
    Any help appreciated.

    PS. Sorry for any mistakes, my english got worse recently

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    First off welcome to LO and to Warmachine in general, always nice to see a new player.

    The Battle Box would be your best bet, everyone say's it and it really is a good deal. The Battle Box comes with Sorcha (Warcaster), Juggernaut (Heavy Warjack), and Destroyer (Ditto). Sorcha is one of the most competitive 'Casters in WM/H, and until recently was a tournament dominator. The Juggernaut isn't as much a mainstay these days, but is cheap and gives you an idea on how weapon locks and throws/slams work. The Destroyer is always nice, and can fit into most lists easily. While many prefer a Behemoth or some mortars, I always loved the Destroyer and it's ability to beat down in Melee or at range.

    From there IFP and MoW Shocktroopers are pretty much staples in every army, so nice pick there. Other 'Casters are nice, my personal preference being Vlad who is very nice. From there I would suggest Beast-09 (Our best 'Jack for any 'Caster, and currently one of the best 'Jacks in the game) and a unit of Greylord Ternions, which are excellent at providing support.

    For 350 Pts this uses the Battlebox and some Ternions.

    Kommander Sorcha Kratikoff

    Greylord Ternion

    Total: 345/350
    VP's: 15

    For 500 this could be a great all arounder that can help you try different things.

    Kommander Sorcha Kratikoff

    Greylord Ternion

    Iron Fang Pikemen (6x)
    -Iron Fang Unit Attachment

    Man-O-War Demolition Corps (3x)

    Total: 493/500
    VP's: 21

    Rock hard list that is in your face and can do a bit of everything, Sorcha excels at 'Caster assasinations and all around being annoying. Destroyer can move and fire, then mix it up in hand to hand if needed. Juggernaut should just barrel forward and kill things. IFP with the UA can move and Shieldwall, providing a great wall unit that can also fight very well. Demo Corps can take down both 'Jacks and troops with ease, and are just a nightmare for your opponents.

    Hope that helps you.


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