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    Dawn Under Heaven Triumph Of Man's Avatar
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    Triumph: now torturing baby elephants.

    Soooo, in one great splurge of cash I've managed to attain a sizeable chunk of Skorne. Still extremely new to the game, although I've got a basic idea of how the rules work (but I still need to find out what the hell bonding beasts does).

    Currently the 500pt list looks like this.


    8 Karax
    6 Vernators
    4 Paingivers
    Titan Gladiator
    Ancestral Guardian

    As of yet I'm in two minds of what colour to paint them. On one hand the box art red is very intimidating and impressive. On the other hand an Imperial purple would fit the empire very nicely.

    ... only triumph could turn pooing his pants into a good thing..

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    Skeletor=Pimp. Stunted_Merc's Avatar
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    Tri, my goofy stabbing pal is in PP, Huzzah I say!

    Go with the Purple dude, preferably with a gold trim, that'd be smexy and appropriate. My friend did an ocean blue scheme with a silver trim that was just excellent as well, looked good on the grey Elephant skin and gave it depth.

    List looks alright, I'm tired at the moment and can't find my Hordes books, so I'll give more insight into the list when I get a few Z's in me. But yeah welcome to the game man, and great pick for a Faction, AFG is another fellow Skorne player and I might dabble with them in the near future, they just look fun.


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    things will change minus_t's Avatar
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    List looks pretty solid, Karax + Venators = Fun. Try combining it with a Stoneward Extoller, when he's out (if he isn't already). Good times!

    If you can afford them, pick up a full unit of Cetratii, and a full unit of Praetorians. They are both absolutely amazing units.

    Zaal ideally wants a unit of Immortals in his army. Combined with the extra goodness that AGs get with him, and the ability to use his 'double-strength-for-one-attack-then-you're-removed" spell on their final attack... Ends up pretty sick.
    He doesn't seem to be ideal with the list you have, I'd probably suggest Hexeris, or possibly Makeda. They will both work better with the stuff you've got, IMO.

    You also need (yes, really; need) a Krea. They are just drop-dead amazing. Without them, you better get really good at surviving dying from charges... With them, practice laughing as your opponent can't charge...
    They also have a very nice fury stat, so you can suffer the loss of a beast or two without having to really start worrying.

    Don't worry about beast bonding. It comes into play in scenarios, or if you fancy something a little different for a one-off game.
    Basically, it's a beast-warlock relationship, with various benefits and normally a drawback or two, that show how the beast has gotten attached to the warlock in question.
    For instance, in a local campaign, I once had a Cygnaran Centurion that ended up being "Over Protective" of my warcaster, Nemo. Every round in which Nemo was injured, the Centurion got free boosting. This was very cool. As soon as either the beast/'jack, or lock/caster dies, the bond is lost, though.

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