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    New to Skorne - 500pts

    Alright, so with my ever expanding WM/Hordes collection, I've decided to branch out once again this time to Skorne. I'm particularly excited about the beasts, souls for ancestral guardians, painginvers and the 'lock selection Skorne has to offer. Here's a list based loosely off of the models I currently own:

    Pts: 494 /500
    VPs: 19

    Ancestral Guardian
    Extoler Soulward
    6 Cetrati
    4 Paingivers
    8 Swordsmen

    Swordsmen will advance ahead, most likely with Defenders Ward on them earlier in the game, switching to Savagery before they engage to get some attacks. I'll pop the feat the turn they run into combat. However, ultimately I took them so that I'd have souls. The Cetrati will start with Savagery on them so that they can shield wall then run (a shield wall moving 10" a turn is quite awesome... especially when they're Cetrati). Defenders Ward will be put on them when it's taken off of the Swordsmen, making my shield walled unit 14/22 base def/arm. The Krea will be right behind the shield wall, giving them the bonus of Paralytic Field and Aura (bumping them up to 16/24 against ranged attacks). The Cannoneer will hold a flank of the Cetrati, shooting things as it wishes as the Extoler will be giving it Ghost Sight. The Ancestral will fuel up with souls in the back, and slam into whatever hits the Cetrati with 6+ souls.

    Makeda will be sitting behind/ around the Cetrati wall (well, wouldn't you? ) mainly upkeeping Savagery and Defenders Ward. In specific instances I'll drop one upkeep (ie the Swordsmen are dead) and start casting Carnage just to make sure that my troops aren't missing in melee.

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    Wow we sure are getting a lot of new Skorne players lately, well a lot for our small community of PP gamers at least.

    For some reason BB the list looks a little crumpled to me, bunched together and stuff....just doesn't gel well in my eyes. I have no idea why though so take that for what you will.

    Overall it should preform well enough with Makeda, the infantry lover extraordinaire. I'd suggest getting Orin Midwinter, some Swamp Gobbers (Everyone needs the Gobbers I learned), and maybe some of the cool new Skorne solo's.

    Also welcome to Hordes, and enjoy your stay in our primal world of backwater technology and giant monsters that are adorably deadly.


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