Hi everyone,

I have just started my first legion army & was wondering if this list would be competitive against other HORDE lists (mainly trollkins but also Circle). With what I have at the moment we decided on using "warpack base" then building from there. Its as follows:

4x Shredders;
6x Stryders;
Stryder UA

Total: 494pts

I also have 8x Blighted Archers & there UA,

I'm thinking the foresaken will def work well with the shredders, making sure (I hope) that they don't eat one another, & maybe drop a bomb on an unsuspecting warbeast, while the Seraph & stryders can take shots & the enemy while remaining mobile, with a Carni' to back them up & protect Lylyth while she "guides" my toothed missles

In a weeks time, i will also have @ my disposal:

1x Seraph
1x Foresaken
5x Raptors
1x Angelius
10x Blighted Swordsmen
1x Sayaern
1x Rheas
1x Shepard

So any suggestions for other lists including those would be good (500-750 range) or what units &/or warlocks mesh well together.