So I haven't actually played a single game of warmcahine yet; so far just a warhammer 40k player. But I'm looking to start up a cygnar army.

My local game store is having a sale and so I want to pick up a 500pt list off the get go. Thing is its so hard to decide where to go with a system you've never played. I really like the idea behind Darius and his little repair bots so I read a few books and put a list together.

Army Points: 496

Captain E. Dominic Darius 93
Squire 18
Lancer 76
Ol' Rowdy 121
Lancer 76
Field Mechaniks (6/6) 20
Sword Knights 6 56
Stormsmith 12
Stormsmith 12
Stormsmith 12

At first I had dropped the stormsmith and lancer and had a centurion for all out warjack power to go along with darius. But soon realized I had very few models and almost no ranged attacks that I figured would lead to me getting kited and sniped away.

I also thought about dropping ol'rowdy and replacing him with a centurion to save me some pts and take a 2nd feild mechaniks group...but I just like the sound of some of ol'rowdys specials. Like counter charge and being able to allocate his dmg wherever you want.

Can I please get some thoughts and suggestions on this list if its even competitive at all?'