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    Begging Horder: What faction to play with what play style?

    Hello Everybody!

    So i, like a lot of my other friends lately, have begun starting to look into starting a hordes/Warmachine force. however i am unsure of what force i should really pick up. i have been playing 40k for a while and am a fairly experienced nids' player and was hoping to play a somewhat different or unique faction to the nids' play style. i will say initially i am drawn to the Cryx because they look so righteous. i have acquired through a friend (a friend i like to call the internet) the Prime Remix, Apotheosis, and Escalation rule books and have tried to familiarize myself with the races to an extent. I also have acquired the Hordes, and Hordes Evolution but haven't really read through them yet.

    I am open to anything really as long as it promises to be different and engaging, and initally kinda digg the everblight on the Hordes side of things. but basically what factions should i look into? i kinda want to shy away from an army that features larger groups of weaker melee troops, but not to the extent that i want a gun line army either. Really i just want ppl's oppinions and experiences with em.

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    Legion of everblight is an army that usually wins be assassination as they are pretty much a "glass cannon" most beasts don't care about area terrain and can charge even if there's a forrest.

    Skorne is about infantry and mass synergy with beasts ( almost like dark elder)

    Circle of Orboros is and army that uses it's terrian to it's advantages, it's good Lycen in teh game and also Big Rock/tree men that are hard as big jacks

    Trollbloods are like a more well rounded army as they have gear that fights hordes and warmachines also their play style uses alot of team work with men and waarbeasts

    i play Legion because they look cool, fluff is very nice and also i love how they play.

    hope this helps in anyway
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