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    New circle Player

    Hello everyone im getting into the circle and thought i'd try to get some help. I bought the battle box last weekend so I have that to start. From what I've read am I right in saying circle is a hit and run sorta army? Any help ,advice, and tips would be great thanks.

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    Sorry it's taken a while to respond, these forums are a wee bit dusty at the moment, but hopefully we can get some life back in them...

    Circle are a magic heavy, generally assassination based army.
    They are pretty much the most fragile army in Hordes, having generally pretty good defence values, but often very low armour values, and pretty low health.
    Saying that, they also have the Woldwardens, who are essentially warjack levels of tough.
    Which is nice.

    I'd suggest playing as many games as you can stand with the battle boxes, before expanding to 350pts.

    The Circle battle box is pretty much all about Kaya and the Warpwolf.
    The Argii need to keep the opponent busy. They are a bit meh on their own, but if you can get them working as a pair they can completely negate an enemy beast by:
    Having one Argus slam the beast, then having the other Doppler Bark it on the floor. The enemy beast then has to forfeit it's movement or activation to stand up, then having to forfeit the other part of it's activation due to the doppler bark.

    The Warpwolf is your killing machine. It will pretty much trash any beast in one round, if it is able to warp for strength. With Rager on, it can advance up to an enemy beast, headbutt it for free (so it's knocked over), the automatically hit with it's claws, get the chain attack off, then buy more attacks. At P+S 16, even the Titan Gladiator is suffering 4 points of damage per attack (on average).
    Obviously this depends on your enemy moving to within 6.5" of the WW (you can't use the free power attack from Rager if you charge, as per the Evolution FAQ), but you can use Argii to bait them, if necessary.
    Warp for strength vs. the Carnie and the Titan, but probably stick with armour vs. Trolls in general, the Cyclopes and definitely against the Shredders.
    If you have two enemies very close to each other, use the free power attack from Rager to two-handed-throw one of them away (preferably aiming at the enemy Warlock), then beat up the other beast.
    He should also be Spirit Doored back in front of Kaya pretty much every turn. This yo-yoing is hugely annoyng for your enemy, but once they get smart to it, they will start planning for it, and setting up multiple attack angles, which is where the Argus come in again...

    Kaya should pretty much have Rager on the Warpwolf, Cloak of Mists on herself, and be casting Spirit Door to get the WW back to her after it kills something. This leaves her with one point to transfer damage (which is the Argus's other use).
    She can also beat up Shredders, Morghoul or Lylyth in combat, but she will probably need to use her feat to be sure of landing enough hits on Morghoul or Lylyth. The best bet is to charge her in, boost a bunch of hits at the caster hoping for a critical hit (a double in the dice roll, which also is high enough to score a hit), which knocks the model hit down.
    Then Spirit Door the Warpwolf into melee, and watch it own face.

    This concludes my essay on the Circle Starter Set... I hope it was useful for you!

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    Last updated 09/01/11

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    "All I can remeber is Hazard stripes and -T's dusty brushes. ~danjones87

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