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    Newbie Legion player who really needs help...

    Hey all, I'm a recent convert to the Warmachine/Hordes universe, having previously played Tyranids and Dark Eldar in 40k. Naturally, those two armies founded my need to try out Everblight (Nids with Dark Eldar leading them! What more could I want?), and me being me I thought I'd try and be clever.

    So my first army for 350 points was

    Yep, 4 models. Thought it'd do ok, then had a go at my regular 40k opponents with their new Hordes and Warmachine armies (the Necron/Chaos player chose Cryx, the Inquisition and Tomb Kings player chose a Skorne Immortal army, and the Ork player chose Trollbloods. Od habits die hard for all of us).

    Now, I was worried my army would struggle, particularly against magic, as I'd have a small number of targets that debuffs could easily be focused on. The idea was to have some great monstrosities that could be constantly healed, with Typhon's regeneration and excessive healing, the shepherd's caretaker ability, and Absylonia's awesome feat.

    Problems being:
    1: I can't deal with the Basilisk Krea the Skorne player uses. Locking a big warbeast's fury is a death knell for my healing, and even though the shepherd has the frenzying side sorted, it still means Typhon in particular isn't that killy if he can't be forced.
    2: Goreshade. Worst part was after being utterly annihilated, turned out he was 70 points under... I can't stop goreshade's feat, simple as. Summoning a unit of Bane Thralls is an almost guaranteed charge on a warbeast, and the 4 dice for damage per each thrall means big beasts are gonna fall.
    3: Infantry in general. It's probably my daft army selection, but Infantry are difficult to deal with when they charge, usually killing a warbeast completely from full wounds.

    So, what do you guys suggest? I did a lot better recently with some shredders in a 280 point game, basically the legion starter box with Lylyth. I was looking also at: Feralgeists, Legionnaires, Archers, and Bog Trog Ambushers. What are people's thoughts?

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    the problem is that u spend too much on big things because you play little battles you should only have 1 big thing(carni) why because ab can make your carni throw with PLAYING GOD, this is an amzing spell. get a seraph and a shredder, seraph for some range potential plus that animus of 2" move, can't go wrong there and teh shredder maining for transfers and a potential body guard
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