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    A fresh Faithful joining the Protectorate

    I recently got into Warmachine and, after some thought, found the Fire&Faith approach of the PoM to suit my taste.

    I currently am in the possession of:

    - High Exemplar Kreoss
    - Grand Scrutator Severius
    - 1 Revenger light 'jack
    - 1 Repenter light 'jack
    - 1 Crusader heavy 'jack
    - 1 Vanquisher heavy 'jack
    - 1 unit of Exemplar Bastions with 5 troopers
    - 1 Paladin of the Order of the Wall

    I intend to expand my collection with:

    - 1 Revenger & 1 Repenter (getting them cheap from an acquaintance)
    - 1 Guardian
    - 1-2 Choirs of Menoth
    - 1 more unit of Exemplar Bastions

    Last Wednesday I had a game using everything but Severius and I managed to scrape a victory against Cygnar. The Exemplar Bastions performed really well. So well, in fact, that I'll plan on fielding the maximum of two units whenever I can.

    Any hints/tips/suggestions you more experienced players have? Any units that are a MUST to have in a PoM army that I've missed?

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    I've never played PoM or played against it (we don't have any PoM players at my local store), but I know that the general consensus is that the Choir of Menoth, the Vassal of Menoth, and the Covenant of Menoth are all very powerful support pieces for the army. Again though, that's all stuff I've read on the internet and not something I've seen in practice.

    Congrats on winning your first game though.
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