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    35 (x2)

    Building Cryx, 35 pts.

    Well I'm picking up the crazy undead dagron worshipers. I'm looking for a bit of model advice. Heres my first pass at a 35 point list:



    2x Slayers

    6 man bane thrall unit

    Skarlock Thrall

    10 man Mechanithrall unit

    2x 6 man mechanithrall unit.

    The Mechanithralls are more placeholders right now than anything else, although fielding the list as is would be amusing at least. Obviously the main power comes from the Reaper/Slayer combo, with the rest being backup.

    I'm looking at adding The Withershadow Combine in, and I'm just looking to the community for ideas on what models to buy here. I've got the battlegroup, and will for sure be ordering a Reaper, one of the three way plastic kits, and a Skarlock. Just not 100% on what else yet. Any advice is appreciated.

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    19 (x1)

    not too bad of a list, but too many mcthalls. 10 would be enough. also, if your going to take them, you'll want a necrosurgon and stitch thralls to bring back destroyed modles. pDenny is a great caster and espicaly good as assassination runs! the cryx battle box is a good place to start, with a slayer and 3x bonejacks. arc nodes are a MUST with denny, as she's quite fragile and needs to keep her distance. she can't handle too many jacks as he has some expencive spells, so maby stick with 1-2 heavies and some bonejacks for 35pts. the nightmare is a great jack to run with her as she grants him stealth. this is my current35 list, to give you a general idea of what units work well with her


    2x deathrippers

    10x bane thralls
    bane lord tartarus
    warwitch siren
    skarlock thall
    2x pistle wraiths

    most of the army is either hard to hit (def15) or stealthed. bane thralls provide the core(these guys hit like a TON of bricks on her feet turn!) with the siren and skarlock to support the jacks. my fav assassination trick is to run a deathripper to within 4'' of the enemy caster, cast scourge to knock them down, then use the pistle wraiths to finish the job. most casters have a ARM val of 14-17 with 16 helth, so it's not too hard to pull off.

    the withershaddow combine are another good unit to use with her. 1 good trick to do is scourge a jack to knock it down, drag it in with the reaper, kill and convert to a slayer/seether with the combine, give it a focus point with the siren, then throw the newly created jack right back in your oponents face!!! god i love cryx.....

    hope i helped
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