Throughout May, we at Dark Sphere will be running a casual Warmachine Tournament in our central London shop. Entry is free and is open to all. There is a limit of 15 points and only Warcasters and Jacks can be fielded (a Battlegroup box is ideal). Don’t worry if you’re new to the game/haven’t ever played as we can teach you!

Games will take place on:

Sunday 2nd May 1pm - 4:30pm
Saturday 8th May 1pm - 4:30pm
Sunday 16th May 1pm - 4:30pm
Saturday 22nd May 1pm - 4:30pm
Sunday 30th May 1pm - 4:30pm

If you’re interested in the tournament then either pop into the shop and sign up or use our contact form Dark Sphere and simply tell us:

Your name
Your faction
Your contact email
Which days you’d like to attend

If you can’t make this one but are interested in future Warmachine events we may run then please get in touch!

Best wishes,

The Dark Sphere Team