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    The 'best' cryx tiered list?

    Ok the books been out a while, and I've read through those pages god knows how many times. Now I dont know if its just me, but none of those tiered lists make me go 'oh thats nasty'.
    Now I dont know if its me, just being new to the hobby pretty much, not spotting something, but I just cant find a competative tiered list.

    Thoughts guys? If you where to make a competative cryx tiered list, who would you choose?

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    I guess I'm about a month late in replying to this, and I suppose it would help if I actually had read the Cryx tier lists (Only seen Mortenebra's)... but from what I've seen of other tier lists (Menoth and Cygnar and Retribution a while back) they don't really seem to offer all that much in the way of benefits. Oh, you save a few points here and there, you might get some movement benefits or something, but... I haven't really seen anything from anyone's tier lists that makes me want to rush out and throw my allegiance in with them.

    From someone who tends to base their lists on the models they like, though, the tier lists can prove useful. I reason that if I'm going to restrict my unit choices for purely aesthetic purposes, I may as well try and find a tier list that garners me some benefit from doing so!

    Skarre happens to be my favourite caster at present and I would logically try and make a tier list using her, if I could. Although Mortenebra's does look somewhat interesting, and I don't mind my Cryx heavies...
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