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    Help me get started

    (I have read the sticky, though it did not help me that much)

    moving on.
    At first i looked into warhammer, but my wallet did not agree on that project. Then i found warmachine, which looks endlessly more streamlined. I am quite stuck between factions atm.

    either its menoth, cygnar or scyrah, or cryx without thralls (hate their looks)

    if i want an outnumbered on the field force, fast hard hitters with good synergy, specialised troops and warjacks - what should i go for then as a starter? and i do not care about atrition wars, toughness, or raising troops. its all out destruction, synergy, buffing, debuffing.

    suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

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    Menoth is good for buffing/debuffing with a nice share of fire to it (Which Alzer introduced me to this evening.). They move a bit slower, though, and seem a bit weaker...until you get that choir singing. Then you've got a light taking half the hitboxes off a heavy.

    Cygnar is balanced. Middle of the road on everything from speed to armor with excellent ranged weaponry. Heavy on the electricity and disruption. Steady and reliable. (Might I suggest my favoritest tactic: Stormclad to the FACE!) mean. They're fast, lightly armored, hit pretty hard, and do things to make your opponent cry. Like stealthy armies or arcnodes on all the lights. Mean, I tell you!

    As for Retribution, I couldn't tell you anything about them.
    "Speed is life! You go slow, you die!"
    -Sgt. Unther, Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries

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