Hello everyone

I've been looking at the Warmachine galleries very often lately and finally I've decided to start a small army. I decided to go for 25pts first. The faction I've chosen is Cryx, due to Goreshade the Cursed and the WitherShadow Combine.. these miniatures look awesome

I've tried to make a list with them and luckily I found out that most of the tier list miniatures are to my liking. However, I do wish that maybe I get a couple of comments and hints to improve my list, which is the following;

Goreshade the Cursed

5 Bane Thralls + Leader
5 Bane Thralls + Leader
Unit Attachment (Free as per tier list?)
The WitherShadow Combine

Bane Lord Tartarus
Warwitch Siren
3 Scrap Thralls
3 Scrap Thralls

Any feedback is most welcome