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    Adding on to a cryx battlebox.

    So I had my first game of Warmachine on the weekend using my Cryxian forces and I really like the utility of both Deneghra and all of the bonejacks that come in the battlebox, but am now keen to get some extra models to boost the points up to 50pts.

    I have been looking through the book and reading over all the stats, special abilities, etc, but am having a hard time trying to narrow down what units to go with to give the army some synergy at 50pts.

    I already bought a 5man+leader bane thrall unit as well as the officer and standard bearer attachment and have a few other things I would like to add in to the fray.

    I am kinda leaning towards:
    1. extra bane thralls to round out a full unit;
    2. Skarlock;
    3. 1 x Warwitch siren;
    4. Nightmare, and either;
    • Full mechanithrall unit with Brute thrall attachments, a necrosurgeon with stich thralls and a Necrotech; or
    • 2 x Pistol Wraiths, another Warwitch siren and 3 Necrotechs to roll with the jacks (mainly slayer and Nightmare).
    Any assistance you can give me would be very much appreciated as I don't really have the feel of using either units or solos yet.

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    Welcome to the ranks of the Dragon Father!

    Looking at 1-4 I'll note a couple of things:

    As your army stands right now you have some focus efficiency with the Scarlock and Warwitch Siren. pDenny (prime Deneghra) need to keep most of the focus for her spell slinging.

    Full unit of Bane Thralls is never a bad thing...unless you are fighting against it.

    Nightmare is a great jack, some will say he is not as good since he doesn't generate focus but his abilities make up for it.

    As for what to get from two options mentioned:
    I'd go with the first one.
    A full Unit of McThralls with brute and the necrosurgeon is an excellent tarpit unit to tie up an opponent's threat.
    Nercotech - never a bad choice.
    With this option you will still have 2 points left I'd get 2nd Warwitch Siren. Having more ways to give focus to a jack will help your warcaster.

    One other unit you might consider instead of the Mcthralls is the Withershadow Combine. They upkeep a spell for your warcaster for free giving you more focus efficiency. Plus the use of puppet strings can't be understated.

    But overall I think you got a pretty solid list in the works.
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