I'm thinking of picking up Warmachine/Hordes again (I played it in MK1, but haven't touched it in years), and I'm trying to decide between 5 armies/builds, more or less based on their looks:

Circle of Orboros (mostly the wolf/satyr based units)

Legion of Everblight (Warbeast focused)

Minions (love the 'Gator' and 'Turtle' themed Warbeasts)

Talion Mercenaries (pirate themed)

Grundback Mercenaries (lots of light warjacks)

What, if any of these armies are good enough to compete with? They don't have to be 'competitive', but I don't want to get thrashed every game either.

They all look good on paper to me, but I don't really understand the metagame yet.

Thank you!