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    New to Trolls, need advice on an army

    Hey guys I just have a couple of questions regarding trolls. I know I want to field an eMadrak army. I definitely want to start with eMadrak due to the awesome-ness of the model coupled with his style of play. I know he works well with heavies and I was planning on having an earth born dire troll in the list, and I love the fennblade models. My question is what other warbeasts should I include? I know mulg is a beast and I like axers and impalers. Also what about other units? I know KSB and stone scribe elders are essential. Are champions worth it or are they just too slow? Would long riders help add to the speed of the army? For solos I know that the fel caller is a must and the stone scribe chronicler is good. Could I just have some help making a good starter list? (nothing to big for inexperince and $$ reasons)

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    Get some Troll whelps if you don't already, I'm still sorta new myself so I'm not familiar with EMandrak, but whelps help heavies so much.

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    I've had eMadrak work best in mixed arms type army builds.
    Killing ground makes your charging beasts a bit more efficient, and all friendlies within his control gain pathfinder, allowing you to save one fury for more face-beating.
    Warpath is great to help pull up a beast that juuuust might be out of charge range, or move another out of other model's charge range. Pretty useful for trying to get everything to get in hitting range or out of the way.
    Blood Fury: One of the best spells in the game. Extra dice(not boosted) on damage at a measly cost of defense. Wonderful on champions but I find it works best on Fennblades... with their reach and speed and vengeance.. you're murdering infantry and heavies on charges, couple this with his feat and you're gonna murder stuff a LOT.

    Madrak's survivability is greatly enhanced by infantry.. cheap infantry. Kreil warriors, fennblades etc. With a unit of these guys near by its "safer" to use all(or more than you might otherwise) of your fury.

    Here's a link to a great trollblood blog with great write ups.
    Trollblood Scrum!!!: Epic Madrak's gonna destroy the world. Right after he's done with you! - by Seymor569

    My typical eMadrak list looks like:

    Madrak Ironhide, World Ender -5
    Earthborn Dire Troll 10 (anti-big heavy beast/jack.. with is innate speed buffs + axer.. he typically charges for 12")
    Troll Axer 6 (anti infantry with thresher, animus for the rush on big stuff or madrak himself for the kill, all around good light)
    Trollkin Fennblades (Leader and 9) 8 (these guys are an amazing tar-pit unit.. 10 guys who go to def 14 when being charged, put on the chronicler buff that knocks down anything that kills a fennblade, if he charges with a jack.. he gets to kill exactly ONE guy and gets knocked down.)
    Trollkin Fennblade Officer and Drummer 2(the abilities these two give to the fennblades are awesome)
    Trollkin Champions (Leader and 2) 6 (big, mean, nasty at 8 wounds excellent counter-charge and target for blood fury)
    Fell Caller Hero 3 (honestly, I would either take him for the stand up for your fennblades taking charges/tough rolls, or swap him out for a champion hero or Mr Bonehammer, but definitely take a fell caller when you bump to 50pts and add a unit of burrowers)
    Totem Hunter 3 (wanna kill that pesky choir, or Aeris, or anything generally annoying? this guy can kill it dead)
    Stone Scribe Chronicler 2 (his buffs are good... the defensive/offensive use for the hero's tragedy is incredible)

    For 50pts, I would add one champion hero and a unit of pyg burrowers(full unit) they kill just about anything Deader than dead + extra dice on melee attacks: PS8 + 4D6 will hurt just about anything in the game and a PS 14)

    Hope this helps
    W/D/L Eleventy trillion billion/NONE/ NONE - I am STILL rulezor!

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