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    New to hordes, questions about legion!

    Hello fellow hordes players. I realise there are a bunch of advice for newbies threads already but many of these seem to be out of date (MK1 I presume as the points are in the hundreds).

    I am interested in legion simply because I like their fluff and models the most. I have always been attracted to glass cannon playstyles and legion seem to be built in this manner. On the other hand, I have seen some posts saying that legion are a frowned upon faction because of their power level vs the other factions. I am hoping this is based more in Mark 1 because I wouldn't want to play a faction with a clear advantage over any other. I like a challenge.

    Also, I had some queeries based on the effectiveness of certain units.

    I plan to use vayl as my lock as I've always liked magic focused characters.

    Hex hunters, how good are these guys? I really like the idea of them, do they work with vayl well? Is the attatchment worthwhile?
    Legionaires or swordsmen, both seem to have advantages, what works better with vayl?
    blackfrost shard, these guys are very cool, are they worth their fairly high cost considering their fragility?
    On top of these I was going to take typohn, an angelius, neph protector, and either 2 shephards or a forsaken. Does this list seem remotely viable?

    Thanks in advance and cant wait to get involved in what looks like a great game.

    Thx Lex

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    Hex Hunters- I honestly have a hard time getting these guys to produce results on their own against anything but weak infantry. Use them with a caster like Bethayne, and her feat makes them absolutely amazing.

    Swordsmen vs Legionaires- I like the swordsmen. Reach, CMA, and the defensive ability are nice, but the legionaires still aren't very strong or tough. Swordsmen have Weaponmaster though, and I'm a sucker for that. Also, the UA granting Overtake and Cleave gives you the opportunity to exploit tightly packed enemies.

    pVayl's feat will work well for both these units, allowing you to regroup after an Alpha Strike or setting up one. Support spells will work well too.
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