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    A Win and a Loss Today

    I was playing Cygnar and Captian Haley.

    Both opponents played Khador.

    The first was Sorscha in a just-over 300 point battle. He had Sorscha, a Spriggan and a Destroyer, and I had Haley with a Centurion, Defender and a Gun Mage Captain Adept. I forgot about her darn Feat and after wiping out her 'jacks I got too close. She froze me up and got behing my formation and squashed Haley.

    The second was a 410 point battle against the Butcher and 3 heavy 'jacks. I fielded a Defender, Centurion, Mage Gunners and an Adept Captain. Did my best to keep the range open but the Butcher single handedly knocked out my Centurion. Thank God for Scamble! I kept his jacks running all over, opening up shooting lanes and got the Butcher down to one life point. He ran behind a building and took 3 turns to heal himself while Haley kept slowing his jacks with her Time spell, allowing me to whittle those big boys down. I got one down (Destroyer), immobilized another (Marauder) but I had lost my Defender and his Juggernaut was behind me (due to a Scramble and successive Time spells).

    Going for broke everyone I had opened up on the Butcher: the Gun mages were too much for him with their POW 14 combined fire and I cut him down.

    Probably my last WM game for some time, and at least it was a win.


    "The sword that takes life gives life."

    -Japanese proverb.

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    Yeah, Sorcha is a douche sometimes. The best thing I see in that situation is keep a unit as a bodyguard or use something as a counter-charge to her Sorcha Sweep. She's relatevly easy to kill and once you traumatize the person using that one trick pony, he/she will not attempt it again for some time.

    The second battle seemed to go more in you're favor, I just can't see how Orsus got his butt handed to him so quickly lol. You seem to like you're list very much, as you changed little in the second battle.

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