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    Upcoming Releases

    Cygnar trencher unit attachment with rifle grenades!

    A Khador Winter Guard unit attachment with Panzerfausts! (Well that's what it makes me think of anyway )

    But those aren't until November.

    For August / September:
    WARMACHINE: Superiority soft cover
    WARMACHINE: Superiority special edition hard cover
    Cygnar Epic Warcaster Captain Allister Caine
    Protectorate of Menoth Epic Warcaster Feora, Protector of the Flame
    Khador Epic Warcaster Kommander Orsus Zoktavir
    Mercenary Epic Warcatser Magnus the Warlord
    No Quarter magazine issue #8

    Nothing listed for October, but I found this for November:

    November 2006
    PIP 31048 Cygnar Trencher Grenade Porter
    PIP 33049 Khador Winter Guard Rocketeer
    PIP 71017 Trollblood Krielstone Unit Box
    PIP 71018 Trollblood Krielstone Scribes
    PIP 72016 Circle Shifting Stones
    PIP 73018 Legion Forsaken Solo
    PIP 74019 Skorne Ancestral Guardian Solo
    PIP 75004 Minion Swamp Gobber Fog Bellows Crew
    PIP 75005 Minion Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter
    PIP NQ09 No Quarter maganzine Issue #9


    "The sword that takes life gives life."

    -Japanese proverb.

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    Warning! Pic Heavy!

    And for people who don't know where to look, here are some pics of the models in question.

    Cygnar Trencher Grenade Porter

    Khador Winter Guard Rocketeer

    Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter

    Skorne Ancestral Guardian

    Circle Orboros Lord of the Feast

    Trollblood Fell Caller

    Trollblood Krielstone Bearer

    Legion of Everblight Forsaken

    Warmachine: Supiriority
    There ya go, look pretty sweet to me.

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Doomthought

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