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Thread: Hammersmith

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    I just used this 'jack for the first time last night at the Spring League in Chantilly, VA.

    Wow do I like this guy! I think of him as the Ironclads big brother.

    It seems, at least thus far, that many of the scenarios involve controlling a defined area, and the Hammersmith with its Beat Back trait is tailor made for that. A fellow player pointed out to me that an Ironclad has a P+S 18 hammer as opposed to a 16 on the Hammersmith, and I said True, but the Ironclad has just one hammer, whereas the the Hammersmith has two.

    He won my second game for me (vs. Menoth). It was vs Menoth and, since my Warcaster didn't die (and she shouyld have--my opponent made some really miserable die rolls! Haley still had 3 life left after he threw everything he had at her, including my own Centurion! (Picked up with a 2 hand throw and it landed on her!) She placed 3 focus on the Hammersmith which charged Amon ad Raza and he went *squish* when his P+S 16 Hammer hit him at dice +2 for damage. I believe he has 12 or 13 life points left: my GMCA had managed to plink him a few times.


    "The sword that takes life gives life."

    -Japanese proverb.

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    Congrats on the games.

    Yeah, the HS ranks right up there with gun mages at moving targets off of objectives.

    Glad he worked out for ya.

    I probably won't be getting one any time soon as I prefer the more shooty side of cygnar, but eventually will try my hand with a few cents and some big brothers for them.
    My armies:
    16,000+ of Eldar (only need flyers)
    7,000+ of Nids (want heirophant)
    6,000+ of Space Marines (need rever titan)
    4,400+ of Cygnar (all models for the faction)
    1,500+ of Legion (just started)

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