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    Imperial Guard and Blood Ravens Projects

    I've been slowly working on my IG and started working on a Blood Ravens army for my brother. I figure I finally have enough to start up a reasonable project thread. Some of these are reposts, just bear with me for the sake of completeness.

    I'll start with my woodland themed IG army.
    These are my older, first mini's

    A bit newer

    Dug in Autocannon

    GS'd Cameleoline Cloak

    Junior Officer with Bolter

    Hardened Veteran with camo'd face, weapon, and eagles.

    My Heavy Bolter WIP (Not too much, rolled up sleeves, balaclava and slung carbine on the gunner)

    I'm currently working on more vets using SM scout legs and some catachen bits. So hopefully I'll be posting some more progress there. On my plate after that (or mixed in between) are 10 more standard troops, 4 converted cadian snipers, several heavy weapon teams, and my Senior command squad.

    Now for the few Blood Ravens I'm working on for my brother. I made the shoulderpads using Minus-T's great stamping tutorial. This was my first GS adventure as well.

    I used a foundation red base on this guy. The color is slightly different in person from the other two, but I'm okay with it. He's also missing some highlights on his shoulderpads, but I didn't feel like retaking the pictures right now.

    For them I have another squad and a half of marines to do, and two land speeders for now.

    That's all for now. All of my mini's still need to be based obviously. I keep forgetting to pick up some static grass to create muddy brush for my Guardsmen and an Arid kind of feel to the Marines. So the marines will be getting a bit dusty after they're based as well.

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    Just have to say.. those chapter icons are beautifully done, the first I've seen besides -t's I think. Very well done!

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    *dies* If only I had known how to do those when I was still collecting Blood Ravens. I'm more of a traditionalist though, I used the good ol' Scab Red followed by Red Gore followed by Blood Red highlights, although this was in a time before the Foundation Paints. If I were still collecting Blood Ravens, I would ask you how you made them (well...I know how you made them, but how did you come up with that design? I tried it a few times and it looked hideous...)

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