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    Senior Member Inquisitor Leet's Avatar
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    Geneva, the Warhammer Deadzone
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    Man became Beast, and Beast Became Man

    Greetings all from the Warhammer Deadzone in Geneva Switzerland. I, Inquisitor Leet present to you my quest:
    I was visited in a dream by the master of a thousand delights, Slaanesh spoke to me and promised me rewards behind comprehension if I gather many herds to my banner, slay any foolish beast who opposed me, and became a blight to the world of man, if I failed, I was told Archeon needs a new spawn...

    So I plan to paint my 2250 point beast of chaos army by the time I return to my home town Chicago for winter holiday's. That's right I plan to do the following by December 17th
    Paint: 26 Gors (8 kinda done!)
    Build:20 Gors

    Paint:26 ungors
    Build:26 ungors (Done!)

    Build: 24 Slaangors (3 done)
    Paint:24 Slaangors

    Build: 3 Chariots (Done!)
    Paint: 3 Chariots (1 almost done)

    Build: 4 Minotaurs
    Paint: 4 Minotaurs

    Paint: 2 Spawn of Slaanesh
    Build: 2 Spawn of Slaanesh (1 done!)

    Paint: 2 Bray Shaman
    Build: 1 Bray Shaman (Work in progress...)

    Paint: Beast Lord
    Build: Beast Lord

    Paint: Wargor BSB
    Build: Wargor BSB

    Quite a proposition, but sleep is for the weak anyhow! Everything listed I have except the characters which I'm converting and the minotaurs, which is a slight problem...
    Pictures of what I have painted will be up as soon as photobucket uploads them
    First up some gors. The hoofs and horns need painting, they'll be the same color as the tuskigor horns

    First chariot, what @**$#( to build, but I like how its turning so far. Table top quaity FTW!

    Images must have a width of 700 pixels or less. Reverted to links. ~LN

    Last edited by Lost Nemesis; November 6th, 2007 at 00:27. Reason: Pic time!
    In an Imperium of a million worlds, what is the death of one world in the cause of purity?
    ~Inquisition credo

    He who allows the alien to live,
    shares its crime of existence.
    ~Inquisitor Apollyon

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    Dear All Concerned... yourtimehascome's Avatar
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    Dear All Concerned,

    Although the pictures are a bit on the blurry side, from what details I can make out they look great! Keep up the good work!

    There are some great tutorials for photo taking, I'll try and get you a link!

    Fluff Master

    You are not your avatar. You are not your knowledge of the rules or your last article. You are not your post count. You are not your rep. You are not your title. You are not your blog. You are not your painting or modeling skills. You are not your location, rating, profile comments, friends or armies. You are not your signature.

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    I really like that color scheme, especially how much it stands out compared to the usual Beastmen army.


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