So here i am, back again.
been bogged down with christmas, revision and partying! BUT i am back!

So with crimbo over and money burning in my pocket, i strolled down to my local town centre and bought 400pts. My friend who owns the independant store then told me he would be holding an urban war tournament on the 26th and so the deadline was set.

So me and the wife started. i mean give credit wear credit is due, she does the bases and i do the painting. (... she's not really my wife shes just my gf - were both 17 8Y)

If anyone wants any information on the tournament don't hesitate to reply to the thread and i will get back to you. - it is a proper sanctioned tournament that will be run by people from Urban Mammoth staff. - WITH ADDITIONAL COOL PRIZES (in the UK only)

so watch this space for pictures.

- Tib