Well, today was the start of painting for my Dreadnought holiday project (Dreadnought - A holiday project).

As I said in the the other thread, I had settled on an Imperial Fists colour scheme. I'm not sure why anymore, even with the Foundation range, I can't seem to get a smooth finish, and yellow is one of those colours that really shows the streaks up, but since I've started, I'm going to finish in that colour.

So far I've finished 75-80% of the basecoating, leaving just the leg mechanics, and a few other bits to do.
Colour wise, Iyanden Darksun is a great colour for starting ImpFists with, I'm not sure that I'll be needing to do too much with any other yellows.
Rather than preping all the metallic sections with black, I thought I'd try another Foundation colour, Adeptus Battlegrey. I do like the non-black-ness of it against the yellow, so it's doing well so far.
The other colour I've used so far is Charedon Granite for the base. When it comes to colour balance, with a bright main colour (yellow) it needs something darker to even it out, and provide a level of contrast.

Even just looking at these pictures, I can see areas that I need to fix up that I just didn't see when I had brush in hand, but that's a job for tomorrow (along with finishing the basecoating).

I'll be painting the "extra armour" black, to add some contrast to the dread itself, and help define it.

To be updated as soon as I can.