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Thread: Hive Mind

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    Hive Mind

    I'm currently constructing a Hive Mind!

    I'll post pix when I'm finished. So far it is an underwater, dried-up sponge. I've glued the Battle of Macragge spore cyst things on it so it looks niddy... with some green stuff I'm going to make tentacles, Alien eggs, and more spores and stuff. I'm adding a Carnifix Spore Cyst back onto it in a few places. I'm also adding some 'nids coming out of it. Sort of like the Hive Mind is creating gaunts out of the bio-genetic material of the planet-wasteland. I'm going to put heads and bodies of marines stuck in it.

    It will look very similar to the Aliens in AVP, in that in the sacrifical chamber with all the men strung on the walls.

    Essentially is a ball/egg shaped thing w/ tentacles sticking out. Tyranids oozing out of the surface, and marine bodies trapped on the surface being devoured and having their biomass dissolved and forming more nids.

    Any suggestions on cool stuff to add? Or paint schemes? I'm going to try and paint it similar to my army, however my army is painted for camo... and the Hive Mind wont really an actual tyranid.

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    That sounds interesting though I'm not sure what you mean by Hive mind, the Hive mind being a psychic entity of some sort. I think what you're describing is a brood nest. Or do you mean this as more of an artistic representation? You could try to add some eyeballs to it. Eyeballs tend to freak people out and it gives the idea that it is watching. Eyeballs can be made with the ball joint parts from spare Tyranids or with green stuff. You will need to paint the details on. There are some examples of painted eyes in my photobucket. Leech-man/Tyranids - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    I don't know what paint job you should give it. If you use camo you could try to do a more heavily highlighted version of your colour scheme on it. Stronger highlights will make it more visible. You could try to experiment with water effects for this thing. If you want people being liquefied by it water effects may be helpful. You can mix ink with water effects to give it a different colour. You might also think about using Spore mines on it. The tentacles from Spore mines can be used to give it a more icky look.

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