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Thread: Mordheim WIP

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    Mordheim WIP

    So we're about to play a round of Mordheim and its time to bust out the war bands. Finish up some old ones and bust out some brand new ones. It looks like everyone is going to create a primary war band and nemesis war band for someone else’s primary group. This way when we play we can get in two games a piece. My primary war band is going to be the Dark Elves based off of the list at The second list is gonna be Possessed to face off against my buddies Witch Hunters.
    The Dark elves are brand new. Having just picked up the DE spearhead, I'm all jazzed about doing some DE stuff. They're based off a corsair raiding party and are going to start out with a whopping four (totally bad@$$) elves and two doggies. I just got these bad boys assembled -for the most part. Doggies not pictured.

    My two corsairs with hand bows and swords...

    And my Possessed: Cult of the Hidden Monkey. This is an old war band, you can really tell by the painting. The magisar is actually a genestealer mage painted by Cyric in college! The cultists are part marauder and part old school chaos warrior. My wife actually painted them! I've always liked the war band and its time to finish it off by painting the last mutant.

    Thought I'd share some details of my mutants just for fun. Here's my possessed monstrosity. He's part ork, a boar's head, genestealer and Catachan arms, skaven tails, miscast tyranid gargoyle bits, green stuff and one unfortunate empire wizard.

    Mutie two is made up of an old filed down genestealer hybrid, ork limbs, spawn bits and green stuff. Oh, and one human leg...

    And the last one to get painted is an ork with a miscast goblin spyder, old guant arms and green stuff.

    Anywho, let me know what you think. I'll probably be putting together a Shadow Warrior war band too. I actually have like 12 different war bands, but this is what I've got on the plate right now.

    Mord Monkey

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    Holy Hannah!

    This is fantastic. I put a Mordheim group together once had a great time doing it. In the end I flogged it on Ebay. I have regretted doing that ever since. I will have to see if I can find some photos of it somewhere. This promises to be a great thread, but does it mean we will be waiting even longer to see the Titan step out in to the light?

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    Excellent. I'm subscribed.

    Watching other people's threads is proving much more enjoyable than maintaining my own.
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