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    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Cyric the Mad's Avatar
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    Tale of Painters, 1st Company - Fantasy [FINAL DEADLINE]

    The hour is upon you!

    Warm up those rep buttons folks, it’s time for the final submissions for ToP1!

    Twelve months have passed nearly in the blink of an eye, and those of us who remain in these projects should be 2,000pts worth of painted minis richer and wiser for the experience.

    Here are some fun facts for you:

    • The Tale of Painters project began on September 18th, 2007
    • The Fantasy segment of the original project had 15 entries
    • The Fantasy segment currently has 3 entries remaining:
    Wood Elves


    Vampire Counts (Lahmia)

    So this month, we’re going to do things a little differently – We not only need the photo of your 200 point entry and the photo of the completed army, we also need to see a complete army list showing the legal 2000pt list you have completed in this project.

    After the deadline, there will be a thread to vote for a few project awards, so start thinking about who you would like to nominate for:
    • Best Painted Army
    • Best Themed Army
    • Best Unit
    • Best Character
    • Best Warmachine or Vehicle
    • Best Conversion
    • Most Improved Painter
    • Best Joker or Excuse Used

    Keep in mind, these awards are project-wide, so both 40k and Fantasy armies qualify.

    Good luck, finalists. Looking forward to seeing this

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    running xbanditsx's Avatar
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    Done! Twelve months later and I've got my first army painted!

    First, a shot of what I'm submitting for the final month.

    6 Waywatchers with a Shadow Sentinel (152 points) and a Wild Rider Noble with the Dawn Spear (157 points) for a total of 309 points.

    Second, a shot of the whole army. I apologize for the bad photo but my room isn't very well lit and I can't play with shutter speeds while holding the camera in my hand.

    Third, my army list.

    Lords and Heroes:
    Wild Rider Noble with Dawn Spear 157
    Alter Noble with Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow, great weapon, light armour, shield 158
    Spellsinger with 2 Dispel Scrolls 140
    Branchwraith with Level 1, Cluster of Radients

    9 Dryads with Branch Nymph 120
    9 Dryads 108
    9 Dryads 108
    10 Glade Guard with musician 126
    10 Glade Guard with musician 126
    5 Glade Riders with musician 129

    3 Tree Kin 195
    5 Wild Riders with Wild Hunter, musician, standard bearer, War Banner 191
    7 Wardancers with Bladesinger, musician 147

    6 Waywatchers with Shadow Sentinel 152

    total: 1997

    Without ToP I know that I would never have finished this. It really is incredible to look at my shelf and see this whole army arrayed out. I'm really happy with how much I've improved my painting and I'm excited to keep getting better with my Crimson Fists.

    I want to thank Kuffy for getting this started, Cyric keeping it going, and everyone who participated; your comments and support really helped me finish this army.

    Great work everyone, I want to see everyone else's armies!
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    Sir Proofreader Deadstar_MRC's Avatar
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    Firstly, this has been a great project. Thanks to Kuffy for starting it, thanks to Cyric for keeping it running, and thanks to all those who have entered and followed our progress.

    My entry for the month is my Vampire Lord, Lady Thalespa. 345 points worth, but unfortunately still not enough to reach the 2000 point total I was aiming for.

    Technically I've failed the challenge. The army is not 2000 points. Not all of the models are based. The list probably isn't legal (even at 1500 points) as I need an additional core choice. But damn this was fun, and has actually made me find time for this hobby. I like to think my painting has improved as well, if only a bit!

    So, my army (or at least, my painting list) as it stands at the end of this challenge;

    Lady Thalespa (345 pts)
    Vampire Lord with Biting Blade, Nightshroud, Crown of the Damned, and the Forbidden Law, Dark Acolyte and Lord of the Dead powers

    Madame Blaché (180 pts)
    Vampire with Accursed Armour, Dispel Scroll, and the Dark Acolyte Vampiric power

    Daanhale, the Foolish Suitor (100 pts)
    Wight King with Sword of the Kings

    Skeleton Regiment (180 pts)
    Twenty Skeletons including Captain, Standard bearer and Musician

    Skeleton Regiment (180 pts)
    Twenty Skeletons including Captain, Standard bearer and Musician

    Dire Wolves (80 pts)
    Ten Dire Wolves

    Dire Wolves (48 pts)
    Six Dire Wolves

    Grave Guard (150 pts)
    Ten Grave Guard with hand weapons and shields and Full Command

    Black Knights (232 pts)
    Eight Black Knights with Full Command

    Total Painted: 1495 pts

    Madame Vichette (175 pts) - Vampire, Wristbands of Black Gold, Avatar of Death, Infinite Hatred
    I saw an excellent model that looked perfect for representing this character ages ago. But I never got around to ordering it, and hence have been unable to paint it.

    Skeleton Regiment (180 pts) - Twenty Skeletons, full command
    Still building this regiment. Was hoping to get 10 done and painted for this month, so the army would at least be legal, but it's currently looking unlikely.

    Four Dire Wolves (32 pts)
    Found these yesterday when I was setting up the army to take the group photo. They've been hiding in a box and I had completely forgotten about them!

    Grave Guard (120 pts) - Ten Grave Guard, hand weapons and shields
    Again, not built. I've taken the mould lines of five of their legs, though!

    Unpainted total: 507 pts

    So, despite not actually finishing the challenge per se, I very nearly have a 2000 point army now and still intend seeing it through to completion. I've been painting for a year, after all, and now I just can't stop or withdrawal will get me!

    Attached Images
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    Painting Machine! Tekore's Avatar
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    Tale of Painterville
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    542 (x8)

    I finished up last month with my army, but here it is again for the public record:

    The Army Shot!

    The List!

    Lords and Heroes

    Lord (Attached to Knights of the Realm)
    /w Horse, Shield, Audacity, Sword of Heroes, Gromril Great Helm

    Paladin (BSB, Attached to Knights of the Realm with Damsel)
    /w Horse, Shield, Virtue of Duty, Lance, Damsel of Mantel Elena

    Paladin (Attached to Knights Errant)
    /w Horse, Shield, Lance, Virtue of the Joust

    Damsel (Attached to BSB Knights of the Realm)
    /w Horse, Dispel Scroll x2

    Damsel (Attached to Peasant Bowmen)
    /w Dispel Scroll, Chalice of Malfleur


    8 Knights Errant
    /w FC, Errantry Banner

    7 Knights of the Realm
    /w FC, War Banner

    8 Knights of the Realm
    /w FC

    16 Peasant Bowmen
    /w Skirmish, Braziers


    3 Pegasus Knights


    9 Grail Knights
    /w FC

    Total: 1999 Points

    The great thing about ToP is how much I've learned from sticking with it, and doing what for me is a ton of painting. Here's one of my first models:

    as compared to some of my most recent:

    I think I've improved a lot, and am on a good road to improving a lot more, and I'm grateful for that.

    So what did I do this month instead of painting? Put together another 2000 points of Bretonnians, of course, and that's not counting 1500 odd points wrapped up in three special characters. ToP part deux should be fun.


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    Fly Casual Lil Tweaker's Avatar
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    273 (x3)

    Way to go people. I am truly impressed by those of you who have survived this project. Well done.

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