Chaos Daemons of Kharne - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Chaos Daemons of Kharne

    Hey, I'm currently painting 20 chaos Daemons of kharne (not sure of spelling) and i'm about half way through.
    It's a commission from one of my mates and he's paying me £20 but I'm hoping for a lovely tip
    So yeah just gonna post what I have so far... after about 8 hours painting.

    Colour scheme:
    Flesh: Mechrite Red foundation, Chestnut Ink, Blood red (highlight if need)
    Hair: Black+Bleached Bone mix, Black+Bleached Bone mix, Black+Bleached Bone mix
    - Gradually decreasing the amount of black and lighter dry brush.
    Bone: Bleached Bone, Graveyard Earth + little Chestnut ink (watered down), White+Bleached bone (dry brush/highlight)

    Thats it really unless I ask if he wants basing

    Picture_053.jpg (1.9 M
    Picture_052.jpg (1.9 M

    The camera I have is not very good.

    Anyone got any ideas, is it good painting, bad painting or am I spending too much time on the commission?

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    Firstly, those aren't Daemons of Khorne, they're the lovely new Dire Wolves.

    In my opinion, I'd say you're about done for £20; you've put in a good few hour's love and produced a nice paintjob. Finish the teeth and fangs on the back row, maybe slosh some ink into the recesses and call it a day!

    While it's very tempting to go OTT getting them to the level of perfection you'd desire for yourself, and that you are doing it for a friend, remember that these are not your models!

    Another thing that I found out was that a friend might feel disappointed if in future they expect a lot of care and attention for what is actually very little money!
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