Hello this thread is here to chart my progress as I build up an Urban War collection. The faction I have gone with are VASA. For those of you that aren't familiar with Urban War:

''From its icy home planet Vacillus, orbiting the dead sun Leviathan, VASA’s power reaches to the furthest extent of known space. In the distant past VASA was a purely scientific body, but now it commands the mightiest of star fleets, far surpassing those of any of its rivals.

VASA controls the vital Grav-wells through which all inter-stellar traffic must pass, and through taxes and levies it funds its policing, customs and peacekeeping activities. Though viewed by most as a benign power, a hardcore of dissidents throughout the galaxy believe VASA to be overbearing and oppressive.''

The thing with VASA is they can include models from the Triad faction which I plan to do as they have some cool stuff.

So with the models I started with undercoated here they are:

The two at the back with spear type things Black Legion, there are 5 Suppressors which are VASA's basic grunts, two Suppressor snipers and a Suppressor Sergeant. The other model is a Triad Dragonfly named character which I plan to use as a normal Dragonfly, I have two of these models and the other one is being reposed again to use as a normal Dragonfly.

So there you go, I expect to get started painting them this weekend and will update as and when I feel I've made some progress.

For those of you who haven't heard of Urban War here is their site if your interested in finding out more about the game.

Urban Mammoth: Creators of the Urban War & Metropolis sci-fi tabletop games