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    themed Chaos space marine army ideas

    hi all,

    so this isn't really a thread about a actual project but iv come up with a bunch of ideas and i just wanted to share them

    so here we go:

    my idea is to build a 40k army ( im new in 40k tho ) and i've come up with a theme based on some kind of (plague) monks ( a bit like the skaven ones ) for a chaos space marine army. My idea was to use the robes from dark angles ( which u can buy in the upgrade kit ) add some horns here and there, not really sure about if it is going to be nurgle or just undivided. I also thought of using the flagelants sprue for the books and scrolls and then using the actual flagelants to form a unit of possessed ( i mean they are madmenn running around and the demonicness comes from the possessed minds )

    and i could use some help with equiping the marines because i have no expirince in 40k
    also the general will be the upper monk! aka chaos sorcerer.

    roughly i thought:


    2 CSM squads


    so let me know what u guys think! its going to be a 500p force btw.

    EDIT: I really like the look of the Death shadows in the Chaos space marine codex

    i've also got some more info on some of my choises but first i'll see if you guys like it

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