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    Junior Member Acez's Avatar
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    Salamanders WIP (GPR)

    I seem to have lost my other thread from back in February, but i'll start a new one for the Great Painting Race. For those that remember, I started a Salamanders army back in November and then had to take a break from painting everything cause of school. School is done, I am back, but decided to join the Great Painting Race to give me some motivation to get back into the painting.

    I'll be painting up the rest of my force basically

    230 - Squad Ignis - Flamer, MM, PW, CM
    285 - Squad Beherit - Meltagun, Lascannon, PF
    Razorback - TLLC
    250 - Land Raider Redeemer - MM
    260 - Land Raider Crusader - MM

    equally to 1025, omg i'm doing more work then you fools, lol

    Anyways, was actually able to paint up 2 of the rhino chasis tanks in a whole day, and haven't done much else since, besides basecoating my LRR in a two tone because I put the wrong colour on first, then it looks completely off, and had to go all the way back to the foundation paint, shitty times. Heres some updates.

    The razorback is not completed yet, still need to spraypaint the weapons and get the rest of the details done on the flames and stuff.

    *edit* OMG i'm retarded forgot I had a link in my own signature to my old thread.

    Check out Double Edged Painting blog for more information on commissions and work in progress

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    First off, well played. Missed your own link. Nice.

    Your salamanders from before were incredible, so if you put out the same caliber of painting most of the other painters (myself included) will be hard pressed to match your quality.

    So far your tanks look very nice. Shame about the paint mishap, I like the emblem on the front of the LandRaider. Did you make it yourself?

    Anyways, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.


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    Member Shadow Reaper's Avatar
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    nice, cant wait for the finished models.
    There is no Emperor, false or otherwise.

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