Hey guys, kinda switched from Warhammer over to Warmachine because I was tired of painting so many models of the same varity. (150 guardsmen were to much)
So I decided instead of jumping into another warhammer army I'd make the switch to warmachine just to try something new. Well I picked up the Cygnar battlebox last month, played a few games with my friend and fell in love with it.
I reently finished painting the battlebox, I just need to do a bit of high lighting and a few bases. I wil be adding pics when they are fully done but here is a video of what they look like now.
YouTube - Warmachine Update Pt.2 Plus shout outs!
Also I'm planning to pick up a lot at MWG sale starting on monday. Of which I reccomend is a good point for anyone wanting to get into the game to pick up a battlebox for 20% off.
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Anyway, what is to come from the sale...
What I have fully completed
What I have mostly completed
What I have and are working on painting
Assembled and base coated
Assembled and bought
Lt. Coleman Stryker
Captian Victoria Haley
Journey man Warcaster
Long gunners
Arcane Tempest gun mages
13th gun mage strike team

I will be buying everything in black on monday.

Anyway I hope at least 2 people follow this. Will be an update soon!