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Thread: Eldar GT list.

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    Eldar GT Ulthwe mechanised

    Hi guys, im attending the Throne of skulls GT in october. i currently have 8 weeks to build and paint a suitable army. That sounded like a good enough reason for a WIP thread

    The list:
    3 fire prisms
    8 dire avengers
    5 pathfinders
    10 storm guardians/2 flamers/walock/destructor
    10 storm guardians/2 flamers/walock/destructor
    3 wave serpents with EML
    3 warlocks

    now, some of you may have seen some other photos in my other thread, and may know that im stuck with a iphone until payday at the end of the month lol, so bear with me.
    ive ordered the models and they should eb here by friday. ive got the wave serpents already, so im gonna build those tonight.

    i want to have an ulthwe themed army, so im currently thinking black, but with hawk turqoise for things like the stones and gems. any thoughts?

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