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    CultofNurgle's Painting Odyssey

    So ive been in the hobby for awhile now, and have acumulated alot of models, most of which unpainted . Its not that i dont enjoy it, i do... its just alot of the time i just cant find the motivation to set up a paint station, and when i do, im way to much of a perfectionist, that i end up tweaking things constantly, but never really improveing much. Hopefully this thread will give me some modivation to keep things going at a decent rate

    my current list consists of:

    2 nurgle rhinos
    5 termies

    20 temple gaurd
    3 salamanders
    9 skinks
    5 coldone cavalry
    engien of the gods

    Sorceror lord on a dragon (needs to be made)
    lord on steed of slanesh
    sorceror on foot
    converted mounted sorceror
    15 warriors
    15 maurauders
    10 hounds
    10 maurauder cav
    10 knights
    2 spawn

    And a bunch of eldar aspects and 5 chaos gothic cruisers on the way.

    Right now my focus is the warriors of chaos which are all slannesh. I did a thread awhile a go on thrying to decide a sceme for them, but never really settles on something yet. someone mentioned a white armour aproch which im sorry i shot down cause im reaqlly likeing the idea now, I just have no real ideas on how to implement it....

    I want to try and really step up my painting skills on these guys, my jobs in the past have ranged from god awful to decent, but not quite to the level id be happy with just yet. they are well painted, ive just never highlighted, shaded, converted, based, or really put alot of detail in them. (aka all the coulars are in the right places, i got the hang of watering down paint, and ive used washes before). all of which id like to try and implement on these guys... (in time... dont want to rush things)

    I am trying to fix my camera at the moment and once i do i plan to stick up some picture of what i currently have. I should be able to get them up tomarrow due to no school (thank you blizzard!!!)

    sorry if this seems like a rant about my painting skills, but one of the resons why i wnated to start this was to try and get some feedback and get better.

    Lizardmen: 9/3/1
    Death Gaurd: 6/6/2
    Warriors of Chaos 3/1/1

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    sounds cool man looking forward to the pics !

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