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    Fresh Renegades!

    Hey all,

    My little group will hopefully be starting a combat patrol this summer once we find some time and I've decided to try out some guard. However, as a dedicated patron to chaos, all those imperial marking & aquilas all over are just too hard on the eyes! Renegades here we go!

    My list is here approved by a couple LO members so hopefully it does well!

    I've also decided to include a hydra if we do choose to go to 500 pts of if i want to swap out the primaris. I think AV 12 and some heavy anti transport/infantry fire will absolutely dominate at low points.

    Here's some very early WIP shots of the more interesting models:
    Platoon commanander and infantry sarge. I tried to give the commander a slight purple hue and look like a lunatic from a bit more influence from chaos than normal.

    I'm stuck as to how I should base them. I already have an army with dark rocks + grass patches and another with rusted metal & planks. I don't want snow though. Any ideas or requests?

    Chimera, Sentinel & AC crew. I used a lascannon on the sentinel but will take autocannons. The sentinel ACs were too thin and didnt look good with the dragon heads

    Hydra. I used the rhino chassis in order to get the roof panel for where the predator's turret sits. The quad AC fits perfectly in here! The rhino & chim are of the same size so I hope it isn't an issue with opponents claiming a different hull gives an

    A bit of background. I have a temple of skulls and this is where the renegades will set up base. There will be a lot of strong foreshadowing for my next project - the Alpha Legion! The legion is notorious for their use in chaos cultists (ie. renegades too!), dragon/hydra heads on the heavy weapons, dark blue & grey colors like the legion, and will put XX on the infantry's right shoulderpad. As well, the centerpeice (the hydra tank) is named after the Alpha Legion's icon! How fitting

    I'm hoping some LOers can provide some insight as well:
    - For the Primaris Psyker, I've just purchased the metal one from GW but has waaaaay to much imperial iconography on him. The one I'm stuck on the most is on the head of the staff. What should I replace this with? A small hydra or dragon head? Where would I find one? I was thinking maybe a talon or claw would look good as well. Any thoughts?

    - Does the army look chaotic enough? I'm not a big fan of excess spiky bits. Other than the paint job for most of the infantry there isnt much converting on them. The only conversion work that's really been done is adding the dragon heads and some chaos symbols in place of the imperial ones. Any ideas on what could be done to the infantry or if the vehicles need more?

    - Ideas for basing?

    - Other ideas or comments?

    Thanks for looking! Updates soon

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    I think your army looks great! As you said, heretic guardsman fit perfectly into alpha legion fluff. For the tip of the pysker staff you could use the staff from the chaos terminator lord/sorc box, especially if you are starting a chaos marine army as the box contains all sort of useful items and a terminator that you can use. I really like what you did with the commander, he looks absolutely demented and I hope you keep it up throughout your army.

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