Sup Gs,

So, that hobby itch that started 2 weeks ago has turned into a full-body rash. I haven't been this pumped about converting, gluing, battling (not so much painting) and everything else 40k since I first started, more than 10 years ago. I haven't hobbied in a LONG time, and I'm jumping in headfirst.

I'm doing this whole Project thread for many reasons:
It will keep me motivated.
I have a Canon SLR that I'm still learning to use, taking a ton of pics of my models will help me learn to use it properly.
I would appreciate comments and criticisms on all aspects, since this Project will be covering ALL bases. Fluff, painting, modelling, converting, etc.
I love converting most of all, and i like showing off (and seeing other's) creativity.
And lastly, it's always good to give back to this awesome forum.

OK so I still have my Dark Eldar from a long time ago, and I've started Khorne as well. Down to business...

So far I'm toying with the idea of a lone World Eaters warband allied with another lone Dark Eldar Kabal. They're both very violent, very evil armies. I admit, I do not know a lot about Chaos. I've been talking to people at GW stores, everyone I meet seems to know A LOT about Chaos. I've learned a bit so far, and any sources of official GW fluff would be nice. I'm also much better at creative writing once I'm in a particular state of mind, so until then we'll start...

I don't think I'll be mixing and matching Khorne and DE bits. I still want to be able to play them as separate armies. This isn't going to be a Chaos Dark Eldar, just in case anyone was wondering. In the future I may change my mind, but for now they're 2 separate armies, working together.

Right now, I've got some models in a tub of Simple Green. You've probably heard of it. If you haven't, it is hands down the best paint stripper. Does metal and plastic, with no damage whatsoever. If you left plastics in the Green for a month then yeah you'd probably melt them. But they can be in the Green for up to a week with no worries:

I used 1.5 bottles of Green in that tub. It's not an issue, once the paint is visibly falling off, you can take them models out and drop others in and re-use the Green. I wish I had better Tupperware though.

While the Green works, I'm working on my new Khorne Lord on Juggernaut. I forgot how annoying metal models are to clean up, but it's still so much fun! We will keep the Green in mind and move on to...

Ok...I don't like painting. I don't hate it, I just don't like it because I'm not good at it. A long time ago, GW would not let you play instore unless you had painted your WHOLE army with 3 or more colours. So, I slapped on some rubbish because I just wanted to play the game. Nowadays, you don't need to paint them, and I've lost a lot of time I could have used to become a better painter. But I'm young, and can still learn.

My DE had a simple paint scheme, and most of them have already been stripped:

Black undercoat
old Regal Blue as main colour
Left the undercoat to act as a 2nd colour
Boltgun Metal for blades.
Blood Red for eyes on helmets. I try to avoid using non-helmeted DE because I can't paint skin.
Also, notice the non-painted models. They were stripped with Green. Not a bad job eh? Could have cleaned them off better though, but I can paint over that.

When I say old Regal Blue, I mean it. Remember the old paints? No not those twist tops, older. The hexagonal pop-top paints? Yep, that old Regal Blue. I had several bottles of it back in the day, and I've never been able to recreate that colour. It's a very nice blue as well Which is why I'm working on a new paint scheme. I was thinking of making a bone theme for the Dark Eldar before I decided to start Khorne:

Haemonculus on Jetbike and Warrior with Disintegrator were (not 100% sure, but it's close) painted with:
Black undercoat
Dheneb Stone Foundation drybrush over the whole model, to give it a 'dusty' look, instead of being completely black
Gryphonne Sepia Wash as main colour
Bleached Bone drybrush over the Sepia Wash.

It turned out really nice, but was hideously time consuming.

Incubus and Ravager were painted with:
White undercoat
A light Gryphonne Sepia Wash for main colour
2nd coat of Sepia Wash to give it some more detail.

Didn't turn out as well as I thought, even to my low painting standards, but it was incredibly easy. I should have drybrushed some Bleached Bone on top, but didn't have the time, nor do I have any brushes or paints at home....YET.

Now, I'm tied between choices. Since I have 2 armies that will play together (friendlies of course) as well as separate, I'm not sure if I should paint both armies with the bone theme once it's perfected, or should I paint the DE in the same scheme as World Eaters? Or keep paint themes separate?

Oh hell yeah now we're talking. I personally think that the only 40k army that has more converting options than DE are Orks. I admire the Orks, they can use scrap to build death machines, and dey iz alwaiz rokkin. I've met quite a few people who've made Dark Eldar armies almost entirely from Dark Elves models. I also use Dark Elves for converting, as well as Wood Elves.

I've already got lots of conversions done, but it's late now and the lighting here is not appropriate for picture taking with my nub SLR skills. I'll get pics tomorrow or the day after. But in the pipeworks I've got:

5 Wood Elf Dryads that will be converted to Warp Beasts.
A Khorne Bezerker that will become my Kharn the Betrayer. I still need to get the Kharn model just to get his head for it. I want people to look at the conversion and be able to immediately recognise that it's Kharn. I've seen Kharn conversions with one of the Fantasy Chaos Lords, and I had no idea it was Kharn until I was told
Another Haemonculus on Jetbike, I want 3 of these babies eventually.
DE Warriors that will be used as Ravager gunners. Again, this is to avoid painting helmet-less Warriors. I also like it that EVERYONE has their head covered.
Dark Lances and Bitz that will be made into Disintegrators. You only get 2 in the Ravager box, which is a kick in the nutz because you want 3 of them on your Ravager.


OK that's all for today. Enjoy. Oh, and BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!