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    Dark Elf project, Cult of Excess painted

    Hello there and welcome to my Dark Elf project.
    Before I start showing my pics I want to tell a bit about my army. A time a go i stumbled across the cult of slaanesh army with dark elves. This impressed me. Now i do not wanna play by the rules of the Cult but I did want to make it look like a Cult Army. So now that is told i will show the pics with a small explanaition about each.

    Starting with my HQ choices.

    so this is my sorceress converted as if having a pegasus. I didnt like the orriginal pegasus so decided to use my old deamon wings on the sorceress and cold one model.

    in case my pegasus gets shot down or blown up by magic i made a on foot model aswell.

    this model is made from upper body morathi and lower are harlequin legs.

    now i will use the new dreadlord model with weapon and shield. i recently bought it and will be done like end of this week.
    I do not yet have my Cauldron of blood so that has to wait.

    Core units

    Lets start with my Spearmen. I still need to make 6 more.

    Now here is most of the regiment. As you can see i have 2 models who do not quite fit in.
    the smaller one is my unit champion made from the chariot model

    then the bigger model with the flag. Now i want my army to represent the Cult so i desided to use some slaanesh models. I also needed a unit filler so i decided to make a big flag carrier.

    here is a better look at a spearmen

    I am still working on my 20 RxB so i will add some pics of them soon.

    My dark riders have been bought way back and i didnt like the idea of throwing them away and build new ones from wood elves.

    My special choises

    lets start with the my shades. i didnt like the look from the metal models so i build them from the corsair set and wood elf glade guard.

    Now i do not yet posses my witch elves yet, but im planning to use 10 deamonettes and 10 witch elves to get that Cult of Excess look again ( it also saves a bit of money ).
    what i do have is a nice looking unit of executioners to represent them till i do have the witch elf unit.

    Last but not least my rare choises.
    At the moment i poses 1 hydra out of 2 needed. its still the old model, but still looks nice and does his job.

    now lets hope the pics work.
    Let me know what you think of my project and tips are always welcome.


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    Welcome to LO. You have some nice looking minis there. I have taken the liberty of editing your thread so that the images show. In the future, to make them show if you right click and select "image location" or "view image" and grab the URL then they'll show up. I hope to see more stuff in the future from you.


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    Looking good. All nice and coherant which is important on the table top.

    Couple of helpful pointers for you.

    1. Try to take closer photos of the individual minis. Gives the rest of us an even better idea of where you are at and how to help/pat you on the back.

    2. Get more pics on soon. ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing how you progress this lot.

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    Like your elves there, the contrasting oclours with the pink, light blue and black go nice. Rep!
    "Should take you a while though because of your sloth like pace"
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