One of my more recent tabletop games was Mage Knight, and when it went bellyup, I had a ton of figures. It has always been difficult to get rid of them, and today I'm glad I didn't I've been putting together a Chaos Daemons army using mostly figures from Mage Knight. I figured their demons right? What's it matter if they don't look exactly like the GW sculpts.

Here is what I have so far.

30 Plaguebearers
I have three groups of ten that are painted in three basic schemes. Since they have plague swords and I want them WYSIWYG, I had to add sword bits and swords made from plasticard. Pretty happy with how they turned out. I used 4 different models, but I doubt it will make much difference as they are all painted the same and all look rather plaguey.

30 Plaguebearers

Here are the models I'm using with a close up.

6 Fiends
I dug this model (sans the rider) and painted the saddle to look like a bit of armor. I plan on one or two more squads of these, but may need to use a different model for that.

Up next - Heralds of Tzeentch and Khorne Hounds!