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    The Illustrious Praetorian Guard (and supporting staff)

    So, I play a mixed Imperial Guard army because I think it's fluffy and it allows me to take advantage of a wider array of the fantastic miniatures for my army. The primary composition is that of a Praetorian Armored Division attached to the main strength of a Cadian Infantry Battalion.

    So basically all of my mechanized armor elements are supposed to have Praetorian markings and whatnot.

    However, I don't like to paint. Like, not really at all. I probably own 20,000-30,000 points of models for the various armies I collect and maybe 5% of it is painted.

    A good friend of mine from college is an artist who loves painting minis. I happened to have a bunch of spare Tau minis sitting around that another friend had given to me years ago and my artist friend plays the Tau. We struck up an agreement, I'd give him the Tau I owned (consisting of more than half a dozen suits and several infantry units) in return for some of his mad painting skillz to bring my beloved Praetorians to life.

    Here are the fruits of his labors thus far:

    Chimera (from WIP to Finished)

    I really love the free-hand detailing he did on this. The Praetorian emblem, the Aquila, the serialized numbers, and all the weathering are simply fantastic. You'll note some scratch marks at the base of the front if something had been desperately scratching at the formidable armor as it was ran over. Suitable considering one of my most oft-battled opponents are Tyranids.

    That, along with the wear markings around the back hatch's handle to indicate extended use, are the best subtle touches to this entire piece. I'm MORE than satisfied with his work on this, I'm ecstatic. I can't wait to get it into my hot little hands to play with, and I plan on commissioning at least one if not two more just like it from him.

    Leman Russ Battle Tank(still WIP)

    BOOM! I'm loving where this piece is going. It's got the same exquisite weathering and detailing I love on the finished Chimera piece. I like the airbrushing of scorching along the main battle cannon as well, it really adds some character to the tank; as if it had seen (and won!) dozens of battles.

    One really fantastic thing about this paint job too is that I had bought this Russ secondhand and it was in an atrocious state. It had something like 3 full coats of (sloppily applied) paint on it. My buddy was able to strip it clean and paint it up awful purty, and doesn't look to be any damage to the plastic or glue. Just fantastic, can't wait to see it done and on my tabletop!

    Commissar with Powerfist (still WIP)

    So, an interesting thing about this model is that when I had actually first introduced my friend who's doing this painting for me to 40k, I had let him use my IG army against another college friend of ours who was playing Black Templars. This was in the previous edition where you could bury a powerfist-kitted Commissar in just about any unit. This individual model wrecked HAVOC upon the BTs and was easily the MVP of the game. Therefore my artist friend has promised, and delivered, to do his due diligence on making this model look fantastic.

    The initial red of the cap and coat was too bright for my tastes, but as you can see he darkened it up just right. The first shade will be perfect for my Praetorian Guards' red overcoats later on though! I'm really digging this model, he's done the detailing on the face quite well and the scar is starting to stand out and give him some character. Additionally I'm quite pleased with the royal purple sash and the overly menacing pure-chunk-o-metal-death that is his powerfist. I'm pretty sure I'll be fielding this guy every time I take to the table

    That's all I've got for now, my friend is also working on a Vindicare Assassin for me and some casualty Praetorian models, but I don't know where I put the pictures for the former and the latter aren't started yet. I'll be sure to update this thread with any progress he sends me though so everyone can enjoy this (nearly) as much as I am!

    For the Emperor!

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