Work In Progress: Something Wicked - Beastmen - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Work In Progress: Something Wicked - Beastmen

    Okay, I just recently finished painting a Battalion Box of Beastmen for my upcoming WHFB army. I tried to go easy and subdued on the colors (earthy tones and "dirty" look) with very simple brown paint and static grass basing.

    For the close combat units I wanted them to look like they were in middle of a battle so adding some blood and gore was in order. But I didn't want to go overboard with that either. Just a few drops here and there for the Gors and some more for the hard-htting Bestigors.

    So here we go...

    Skirmishing line of Ungor Raiders:

    Main Battle Line - Two Gor herds:

    The Formation Breakers - Bestigor herd:

    Battle Standard Bearer close-up:

    Brayshaman doing some dark magics:

    Revenant Moon Necrons: (W/L/D) 0/1/0 (6th edition: 13/2/2)(5th edition: 14/6/4)(3rd edition Codex: 16/4/7)
    XIX Legion: (W/L/D) 0/0/0 (5th edition: 14/12/2)(5th edition Codex: 4/3/0)
    Black Legion: (W/L/D) 1/0/0 (6th edition: 2/3/0)
    Something Wicked... Reikwald Beastmen: (W/L/D) 10/4/1

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    those are very nicely done, i realy like the blood effects, have you seen the games workshop army parade? i think that if you added a gameboard full of burning empire buildings then they would look right at home especially if you added loads of dead empire people.

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