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    Deathwatch Conversions and Painting

    Finally the back order of Deathwatch Pads came in!!!

    I plan on modeling a group of 10 Deathwatch marines as sternguard and will post the pics as I complete them.

    I am making each model unique, I am not simply taking 2 boxes of Sternguard and painting them black, each model is his own "character."

    All will have combi-weapons (6 MM and 4 Flamers); Sgt will have a PF.

    I ordered all the bits and have begun assembling. A few complications have arose, but nothing I can't fix.
    The DW carbine bolters are smaller than the standard bolter so I couldn't use them as the conversion looked odd.
    I am once again realizing how much I hate metal figures or metal parts in general.

    Here are some of the bits I ordered.

    First and Foremost: COST. I would say I have spent about $85 on all the bits (this includes shipping, but does into include some of the bits I already had from other models, but I order about 98% of everything (even transfers).

    Chapters: Ultramarine, DA, BA, SW, BT, WS, CF, Salamander, Howling Griffins, Blood Ravens

    Bits I am using: Sang Guard Torso (x5) Aquilla Torso (x2), DA, SW and BT all order as single figure models. I like the Sang Guard torso's they look epic, with the armor, and some filing the blood drops are gone. Order standard tactical legs, and use one set of squatting legs, Heads area all different, some are helmets, some are faces, all collected from old sprues.

    Bolters are all being converted into combi weapons Used the IG flamers for my flamers and order GW melta gun pack for combi-melta's. My sgt actually looks like a captain, gave him the Sicarius helmet, and a back banner with the skull, and powerfist, all of these bits I had already.

    I Order Space Wolves decals for the one model :/ Ordered arms, backpacks, bases, and two pads from chapter house studios. I already had purity seals, grenades, banners, knives and other misc war gear. I also used some Ork and Tyranid heads to model as trophies.

    With the paints I will follow the standard DW color scheme, but I have enough models with cloaks, and accessories that I think it will look better than your standard black armored silver arm.

    I will post pictures of the completed assembled models before being primed. Then I will post pictures after being painted.

    Stand by for pictures, all i am waiting on at this point is the last of the meltas to be converted and then I will have up the pictures. Hopefully they come in tonight, I will swing by my GW store and see.

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions on personalized painting that would be nice. Example, I am going to give the Crimson fist guy his crimson fist on the right arm, the salamander has the scaley cloak, etc...

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