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    First Project - Eldar Army WIP

    I'm going to post up my small (but growing) Eldar army work in progress pics here. This is my first army, most of the pieces being holdovers from 4 years ago when I first thought I had enough money to start building an army. I didn't have any paints, or patience, or as it turned out, desire to learn how to paint or play my army. I primed my banshees, avengers, Autarch and guardians in black. Then, using one of my buddies paints and making just a single afternoon of it, I threw a couple messy single layers on the guardians and avengers. then put them away for 3+ years.

    Now, after spilling an entire beer inside of my gaming computer (through the 240mm fan, while running), found myself with a LOT more free time (no WoW, TF2 to steal it all). So I decided to bust out my models and see what I could do with them and all these spare hours. Turned out, over the years I had accumulated the following army:

    1 Farseer
    1 Autarch
    1 Warlock

    9 Dire Avengers (including Exarch)
    12 Guardians (including weapon and team)
    8 Banshees (including Exarch)

    So, as I always thought the banshees were bad-ass with the masks and power weapons, I decided to start on them first. since i didn't want to ruin the exarch, I started on 5 of the regular banshees first, so learn from some inevitable mistakes. Anyhow, after a few months of accumulating paints, brushes, and watching a LOT of videos, reading a LOT of tutorials (on this site and other places), I'm basically done with the first set of models (the five banshees).


    They could use another touchup, and i think i might brighten the hair, but for a first set of models i'm pretty pleased. This was also my first attempt at basing, which was done with some sand, a few rocks, and a standard drybrush method.

    Since i'm starting this WIP after I've finished these few models, they will serve as an introto this WIP thread. I still have 30 or so models to do, and I can guarantee they'll turn out eve better, as i've learned from the dozens of mistakes made on the models. I appreciate any feedback, advice, constructive criticism, or any comment you have in general.

    I've started on the avengers already, which will be the next set of models represented in this WIP. they will most likely have pictures up at each step, as I progress.

    Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy!

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    I like them, the green robe looks really nice as do the bases, and youve done a good job on the eyes. i think maybe the hair could do with another highlight, and maybe another thin coat over the armour to smooth out some of the bumps, if you have badab black, a wash over the sword may make it look less flat.

    in terms of the army, try painting the warlock along with the guardians, as youll be able to add him to that unit and play them in a game.

    and your right, banshees are bad-ass

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