My goal is to create seamless background and story for an alternate world set in WW2 era Earth. 2 warring alien races from the future (The Eldar and Dark Eldar who in this alternate version are simply the same race in a civil war) go back in time to sway the course of WW2. For some reason (as yet unknown) the winner of the war will go on to affect the future in a catastrophic way. These alien races aid both sides in their rapid technological advancement in hopes of securing victory. Using current army books and by doing massive conversions and alternate paint schemes, I will hopefully seamlessly blend Warhammer 40k units, races and certain fluff into World War 2 earth while creating new vehicles, units, countries, factions etc. I would relish help in any way and creative input would be appreciated.

I have a project log up currently on Tumblr:
Any comments as well would be greatly appreciated.