As it's the new year I intend to set myself a few goals, both personal and hobby related. Like the majority of us do at this time of year.

To that extent I aim to complete the following models by years end 2011

Dark Angels
Command Squad
5 Man Dev Squad
5 Man Dev Squad
Tac Squad
Tac Squad
Tac Squad
Scouts (about 9 or so)
3 Dreadnoughts
15 Terminators
10 Space Hulk Terminators
Librarian in Terminator Armour
Terminator Captain
Converted Belial (Once I buy him)
Ravenwing (about 2 or 3 bikes, mainly to experiment final Ravenwing Scheme)

Warhound Titan
Aim to buy a new airbrush for this bitch and get him finished

Mid Noir Troll
This is for the Mrs, and man is she on my back to get him finished.

Currently have a Doomwheel and Skaven Assassin 90% complete each. So I want to get these guys finished. Which should be by the end of January.

If I get all this done then I'll move on to finished my Night Lords but those are an on going thing. I also have a bunch of Dark Eldar I want to get painted up and get 1k force with. As well as maybe a Blood Angel/Space Wolf army as well.

The main thing for me this year will not to buy an abundance of models I don't need side tracking me from completing models that only need a few more coats here and there.