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    Stormraven Project - the flying boot

    I decided, like many people, that I was fed up with waiting for the stormraven model to come out so I've started making my own. I had a rough idea about what I was going to do but it all went awry once I started making it.

    I've based the model on a razorback with its rear end as the front of the stormraven and I improvised the rest of it. I've used the wings from a star wars model that I found at hobby craft and I ordered a bunch of resin bits from scibors monstrous. After getting the resin bits I decided that they definitely had to go on the model, that has led to the model becoming built around these bits and has made it a weird tall shape.

    Its not anywhere near finished yet but I think its going to end up looking even more hideous than the GW model that's rumoured to be coming out. Oh well

    Pics are a bit blurry as they were taken with my phone.


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    I think theres two things that look off.
    One, the way the lascannons are mounted. Its not aerodynamic, not really good at shooting targets on the ground, and obstructs the pilots view. Maybe you could mount it underneath the main hull? Would change two of those negatives, so might be worth thinking about.
    Two, the structure in the back. Its too high, and the right angle just doest work. Adding some kind of fuselage (sp?) might work to change that, though.
    Anyway, hope this helps. And if it makes you feel better: Its still miles ahead of what I could do
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