I have been frustrated with transporting my odd shaped Eldar Tanks (Wave Serpent, Falcon, etc).
While Battlefoam certainly has great bags and pre-cut Eldar tank blocks (3 tanks), the cost is just waaaay to high ($24/foam tray). After all I'm just taking them from home and to my local store and back.

Army Transport was too small. But the new Sabol Designs Armored Company bag was perfect! Well...I do wish it unzipped from the front like Battlefoam bags...

The problem with Sabol? The only 'double-wide' foam they make is 4" tall (and costs $19.49 + shipping). 1" too tall for may tanks, and the shorter the tray the more trays in the bag!

So...I went to a local fabric store with measurements and bought 5 foam trays for $8.50 each! They were able to cut the exact size I needed (13"x15"x3") and they will glue it to the denser 1/4" bottom foam for free!

Well here's my WIP.

Tonight I began by figuring the layout and created paper templates to then trace onto the foam. And finally using a long utility knife (with a 3.5" blade) cutting the blocks out. They cuts are getting progressively cleaner as I learn to keep the knife straight up and down and how to best cut the dense foam.

Though all of the weapons and turrets are magnetized, I am glad that there was clearance to leave the turrets intact.

Notice that the Fire Prism/Night Spinner turret is positioned backwards to allow a better fit.

I was unable to fit 3 Wave Serpents in one tray (sabol is 1" shorter than battlefoam), but this will work out great.
I will have 2 trays with: 2x Wave Serpent, 1x Falcon chassis
And 1 tray with: 1x Wave Serpent type II, 2x Falcon chassis

And on a side note, only one of the tanks (a Wave Serpent) is finished being painted.