The Warherd of Greyvain - Narrative Campaign Army Development - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Warherd of Greyvain - Narrative Campaign Army Development

    RIght I am undertaking a project to keep me entertained inbetween the fantasy campaign that is coming up in next few weeks (my lizzes are ready and at about 3500pts) I have decided to start a small beastman force (just ordered the lord with 2hand weapons for my character) and going to paint it up in an albino style as the leader of my force.

    I am going to start it out as a small raiding party with couple of ungor raiders (10 beast units) and a 20man Gor Unit, as his raiding party. Organising with my friends to do loads of mini scenarios such as the first attempt will be a small raid on a town against an empire army (no special weapons or rare for them, can only take 1 hero and core).

    So will hopefully be doing two things with this thread:
    1. Showing my painting of my army (not amazing so bare with me)
    2. Depending on the results of the battles the army will either get bigger or smaller

    E.g. in the first mission, if I win my Gors get upgraded to bestigors and that my ungor raiders become gors, with two new squads of raiders (so a slow progression up), possibly convincing a level 1 mage to support me in my endevours.

    My gear will reflect this new thing so my Hero toon will literally have some light armor, 2 hand weapons and a gift like uncanny senses and a special weapon. As he beats more he acquires new gear.

    What does everyone think?

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    this sounds interesting, working with a smaller force means you can focus more on painting the idividually models, sort of what i am trying by starting a crimson fists force.

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