So I'm not as great a painter as many of the folk here, but they have inspired me to keep at it. So, in an effort to maintain a continuously growing force, I thought I'd start a project thread up. It'll be slow going, since I'll only be able to work on my marines on my days off (maybe half the month), but I'm hoping to see it grow and flourish.

Quick background: I'm one of those players running around with a space wolves count-as list. So space wolf codex, generic marine bodies. Tac Squads for Grey Hunters, Assault marines for Blood claws, and so on and so forth. The theme has been "A loyalist chapter turned to chaos in moments of desperation to overcome the Emperor's foes". One of the major themes that I loved about 40k was that within every hero lies the potential for the Imperium's downfall; every man carries the darkness within. So they look like loyalist marines, just with the occasional mutation. And hopefully some daemon pets, if I can get my fenrisian wolves just right. The initial troops will be pretty vanilla, the conversions will come later.

Apparently so will names. There's a heavy sword theme running through the chapter, and I'm trying to keep to power weapons as much as possible, along with a few other Dark Angel tropes (such as robed veterans and different coloured termie armour). Even though I don't like vikings in space, I've been stuck on the space wolf codex since I first tried it. Maybe it's because the natural cheese offsets my gimpy army lists. Of which, I'm building an all plasma, all the time, foot slogging army. So don't expect to see any vehicles any time soon. In the far future I'd like to find a list centered around Dreadnoughts, but one thing at a time.

Okay, enough blathering.

I've started off with a small army list used for a side project. It's simply:

1x Wolf Guard Battle Leader
5x Grey Hunters
5x Blood Claws
No upgrades

WIP - Combat squad, Tac Squad II, 3rd company (Grey Hunters)

And the first of my Assault Marines (Blood Claws)