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    DK's Comprehensive and confusing Project Log.

    It's been about a year and a half since I was last at this site, but due to my recent situation of not attending any classes and working 3hours a day, I felt like I should do something creative again.. And seeing as how I have about a dozen different projects more or less half done in my apartment, would give me a sort of starting point for this blog..

    Now, to tally up my projects so far, I have some major projects going on:

    Cryx army painted
    • Most of the cryx casters (Deneghra, Asphy, Goreshade, Skarre and eSkarre)
    • 2 metal slayers (thinking about rebuilding them to seethers, and buy plastic slayers as well)
    • Charging deathjack (repositioning)
    • Various bonejacks (including Cankerwork)
    • And some random units
    Space wolf conversion army - This army consists of all converted marines with added beastmen heads for feral apperance.
    I'm doing all of the named characters in the 5th edi book
    • Bjorn the Fell-Handed (Need to convert/buy the back armour for the Dreadnought, since it got lost when building the model
    • Canis Wolfborn rough sketch, taking apart again for reassembling
    • Ragnar Blackmane (Nearly completed, need painting)
    • Logan Grimnar (Done, non-painted)
    • Arjac Rockfist (Halfway converted, redone then redone again using the minotaur kit)
    As for the rest of the army, I have this "to-do" listChaos marine conversion army
    • Deamon Bull(At the final stage of converting)
    • 2 units of Marines (in need of (re)paintjob)
    • Various tanks (need of mentioned paintjob)
    • 2 Defilers (just started the conversions)
    • 2 units of Obliterators (one consisting terminator conversions, one consisting minotaur conversions)
    • Thousand Sons (paintjob)
    • 2 Sorcerers (paintjob)
    • 1 Unit of Khorne Zerkers (Paintjob)
    My idea with both 40k armies is to use both armies in one game.. So that my Long fangs can be Havoc squad, and my Chaos marines can work as Greyhunters or Bloodclaws. Some of the units will, however, not be able to use in a combined force, such as Canis Wolfborn. But I have all the pieces to complete him, and he'll make excellent practice for further conversions.

    Of various projects with no real use, save for practice: So, with this check-list, I can start my work on the various projects. I have made a deal with myself, that I will finish all of these projects before buying anything new to either army. (Which means I can't get any Warwitch Sirens or Nightmare no matter now much I plea myself to buy one/two/three of them.).. (Or the Landraiders/Baneblade I want for both my Wolves and Chaos marines)
    - And also, some of these ideas may end badly, say as a tester for painting/converting. I'm hoping to do most of it in a few tries, but nothing is set in stone yet.

    - I'm also terribly sorry if/when I'll do a necro post here, but I'm not sure how much work I can get done in the infinite amount of time I have for it. Also, I'm a fool for not understanding the blog completely, so this seemed like an easier solution to make my log of irrelevant projects and mishaps

    Last edited by Dethklaat; October 5th, 2011 at 00:59. Reason: Added the pictures I had to the proper projects.
    And now to erase your memory of this entire conversation.

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